Drawing Assignment


Splitting the peel,

thumbs puncture skin

sending a telltale scent.

Spreading to every nook,

the mouthwatering desire

for a bite of vitamin C

contaminates participants.

Sticky fingers grasp pencils to leave

a trail of segments on drawings.





Another Garden


My mother’s gardens were her sanity.

The house was relatively clean

but her gardens were weed free.

Working the soil to prepare the beds,

splitting clumps of perennials,

carrying out her precise plans

worked out worries and dread.

Her neat script and graph paper layout

is a treasured glimpse into her strength.

My brother hung over her head…

perhaps by today’s standards, he would

be classified benign and receive more

guidance to iron out his irrational dance.

I always planted flower gardens where ever

I lived; after my parent’s deaths, I moved

far away and planted yet another garden…

–  some with plants and some with art.











Swamp Goddess


Childhood love of swamps

never went away…

Floating in a rowboat over

a wild shallow aquarium

teaming with life force:

fish, frogs, birds, insects…

all incased in or above water.

I am Virgo swamp goddess…






Roses are sometimes red

depending on what media is used.

Employing graphite skill and determination,

some are composed from shades of gray

achieving a ten point value scale.

No matter how three-dimensional,

the drawn roses fail to attract pollinators.




The Magic of Beginnings [


Going to bed early sure didn’t work out as planned.

Four bathroom trips, one whining dog, a cat scratching the door…

wide awake at 3:30 am contemplating life after life after life.

Slipping leg warmers over chilled feet, pulling a sweatshirt on top

over the cotton nightgown, crawling back under the covers

only knowing this one journey;  seepage from others curdled ability.

Here in the wee hours the Universe woke me: we need to talk.

I had real inspiration about unfinished threads and a few options

that I hadn’t considered to unbind thought toward new beginnings.

I can’t control everything… nor would I want to but I needed to trust.

Dawn drifted across a goal list for 2013 while snores filled the air.


And suddenly you know. It is time to start something new And trust the magic of Beginnings.” Meister Eckhart