Finished my sons sweater [except for the zipper]

it has a high wool content – need it since Olympia WA has been locked into a deep chill over the 5 days!

My friend, Andrea, asked me to knit her a hat… my first beanie hat! Ms Gallon Water-Jug is modeling the result. This was before I wove all the short pieces of yarn into the hat.

Andrea’s Hat

The she sent me 2 skeins of yarn so I could make myself a hat. Wow, is this hat warm! Ms Gallon Water-Jug is a great model.

my beanie hat in Orchid

Whats next – I want to make some fingerless mitts. I’ll knit mine first as Andrea has such small hands. She is providing the yarn for the mitts….

Must finish some art projects but found knitting is such a meditation. Making those projects in December helped me not worry about not earning much/paying bills.

There are alot of great kniting sites with free patterns too! Knitting on the Net All Free Knitting

Http://  yarn brands have free patterns too

A couple more knitting sites/blog:

and FB



Keep creating,