Macroscopic Rejuvenation


Twisted DNA is dark and full of terrors

but this body isn’t that contaminated.

Little coils of fear have threaded the

complex revision of basic cell information.

Running anti-parallel to normal self-esteem,

the tainted molecules indoctrinated living tissue

into a permanent flight and frustrated fight.

Sequence after sequence, the reaction to cringe

in discomfort prevents  effervescent  buoyancy.

This set of genes is not lacking substance;

weakness is a liability but not for creativity.

Least I’m not fake and pompous; overflowing

with ooze that sucks peoples efforts to see the truth.

Fooled in the powerful presence, their “stupid”

detectors waver until after the fact thought

processes reveal the substance of a given folly.

Meanwhile… meditation expels mutating radicals,

remodels complexes, repairs mechanisms…

disappearing into oblivion, all complexities of mind

fade when drinking hot toddies and listening

to Bob Dylan on Pandora with my Corgis.

I swear the cat digs it too…



Woodland Walks


This little life I have built

for myself is shaping up.

I am thoroughly pleased;

spontaneous surges of happiness

dapple my rambling evolution

washing the worrisome cares clean.

Walking in the frozen woods

with my dogs, we decipher animal

tracks in the snow dust – me by sight…

the dogs by nose to the ground.

Dog noses or aging eyes observe

clues to whose passed this way.

Simple joy of walking the dogs

brings a nature induced peace.

Hey, it’s all relative…


1/15/2012   inspiratio from this quote: “The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson





Which hour of the day or night

is wrapped in tranquility?

I prefer midnight to dawn;

not witching hours but hours

laced with creative blossoms.

Of course, the dreams produce

quantum fodder right before filtered

light sneaks below curtain’s weakness.

Then moderately rested, I plunge

forward wobbling through light

fasting for nightfall’s peaceful

presence to quiet noisy day.







Don’t forget me…

soon they will move on.

They are well intentioned.

Life overflows their days;

I may spring into and out

of mind quickly; a momentary

sliver of lightness among the living.

You will come along soon enough;

we’ll remember good times

before transitioning into new form.

Perhaps the threads that binds us

will hold tight weaving us together again.