First play date in a long time … last week four of my friends came over to play. Since art can be isolating having a group activity day is really a good idea.  I had set out “Soft-Kut” blocks to make block prints. After showing everyone samples, they made their designs and began carving.

I was in Jo Anne fabrics/crafts recently and found some great floral punched designs. There is one next to the coffee mug. They work great for showing beginners the concept of positive negative for the block prints.

The soft cut block cut like butter so the “stops” aren’t quite as necessary as when carving linoleum which also needs to be heated to be easier to carve.

inking the plate

Once the carving is almost complete, everyone took the time to make a test print on newsprint. That way it’s easier to go back and redo line work. I use water base ink so a quick rinse in the sink and they can make corrections. No smelly chemicals….

My art buddies are coming back first Tuesday in March for another round of block prints. They were happy with the results and now will make some designs to bring to our next play date.

I made a yeast coffee cake… it was heart-shaped but this is all that was left…

almond and cranberry filling…

So a good time was had by all…

I ordered the soft-kut blocks from Dick Blick: