Been a driven slave to my online shops at  Zazzle for the month of January….

took a long time but  I switched the tradtional  Sumi-e images including the Enso pieces to a new Zazzle store called Zen Ink:

Then I shifted all the Christmas products to a separate shop called Christmas Studio:

THEN… yes there’s more. I opened a new shop for my photographs. My photo shop is called Photos 9 Lives Studio:

So that’s where I have been –  glued to the PC between switching, adding new images and making new products.  I figured out how to make banners and I think I managed to figure out the “link” buttons between the shops.  I switched out the shop background colors too!

I became a “Pro- seller” and have put that button display on my shops…

I even changed out the colors on my website to lighter tints.  I want to have the website colors match my Zazzle shops but may have to pay the webmaster more. Think it would look good to have them all match.  Next cyber project is to put Paypal buttons on my website. I would only add that feature to the older art pieces.  It seems easy enough to do…. it’s finding the time.

Last but not least, I added new images to my Fine Art America shop.  Photographs and other art…


well… that’s the cyber shop news from Nine Lives Studio in Olympia, WA!

keep arting….