I’ve been working on block prints and had my friends over for two more block print parties [no photos this time – too busy carving].

I normally hand color or roll color onto the printing blocks but for the rubber duck and the marshmallow chicks  I used my Photoshop Eements 11 to add bright colors for my shop products – wow…

Rubber Duck

and …

Easter Marshmallow Chick Tastes Good says Kitten

Easter Marshmallow Chick Tastes Good says Kitten (C) 3/2013 NLS  This block print shows a tuxedo kitten licking a colorful marshmallow chick that he dragged from the Easter Basket.

Three Marshmallow Chicks & One Hungry Kitten

Three Marshmallow Chicks & One Hungry Kitten (C) 3/2013 NLS  Tuxedo kitten [black & white] has raided the Easter basket. Three colorful marshmallow chicks are soft and fun to play with.

Sold a few more products from my Zazzle shops… have been working to improve shops and add more products. Corrected my beginner’s mistake in replicating the actual Zazzle departments. I have worked on listing the products by various subjects, etc in “browse this store” and moved the last of the products to Zen Ink and the Christmas Shop.
Lots of maintenance but I was reading that a 40 hour week on Zazzle makes for more success.

The block prints are posted on Fine Art America http://ellen-miffitt.artistwebsites.com  and on Zazzle:



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