Now where has February gone?

Started a new mandala while I was facilitating a mandala class at a retirement community in Lacey WA. Only had 3 participants so was a nice quiet afternoon working with them and on my on project once they were well underway.

For mine, I cut five circles out of the Bristol substrate. Next I cut five pieces of scrapbook paper that featured stars, sun motif and a nice brown for the earth in the center. I have lightly traced the Fir trees in place. will work on the tracing paper to figure out the root design. I’m thinking of cutting trees and the roots out of paper… moving toward having depth and shadow from slight increase in height of cut outs.

start of mandala

here’s another mandala – I reworked to strengthen the outer colors as the center is too strong… Still thinking it through. Have a Celtic knotwork border I’m working on. I may cut the main design [Firs & center] out entirely and mount on something else… ideas are percolating.

Fir Forest

here’s a third mandala called Fir & Maples that I posted a “how-to” on Feb 9th… think I will add details with sepia/walnut ink to both tree designs to unify the overall design .

Fir & Maple Forest


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