Thia is the original mini cedar chest…

2013 Chair Affair - Serendipity r


finally decided to wood burn a design on the mini chest for the NW Furniture Bank. here are my designs…

this is mostly the middle area. I separated the individual flowers/butterflies to allow more negative space in between. Put a small section of this design on the front.

left to mid section

here is half the design showing the leaf border. these are from stencils but I will work at them being more a free form and not as tight as the original stencils.  just couldn’t decide what to do to the chest so I started on a Friday when the final delivery day was Saturday so I was pushing it close…  .

wood burning day #1  changed the design a little… slow going but think it looks OK.
setting up design with stencil

laying out the design

used chalk at first but then permanent marker too.
I smell like smoked cedar…

first burn

about a third of it done… hand gets a little numb from holding the wood burner tool. the tip heats up and you trace your design. smoke from the original shellac was a bit nasty. I kept having to exhale and gently blow the smoke away from me.

wood burning tool

Day #2 finished by 2pm Saturday afternoon – put at least 14 hours over two days.
this is the top…

and this is the front of the mini cedar chest…

sanded and sprayed with two coats of varnish.

Below is the finished chest. I met with the fundraiser director on my way up to BAC so it was only a day past the deadline and I saved gas not having to drive up to Tacoma twice!

Chair Affair is in April… my friends were correct. Once I finished it was hard to give up this mini chest!

keep arting,