So thankful for this gorgeous weather. Sorry that California is getting all the Pacific Northwest rain…. not.  I so needed some sunny days – the gray out here really gets to me.


that said, 3 of my raised beds have been turned, compost added, lime & bone meal to prepare for planting.  I bought some starts [broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprout, kale, chard and onion] at the local food co-op and they’re all planted as well as seeds [spinach, lettuce varieties, etc.].

It actually seemed too hot and wow did I crash on Sunday! Still have one bed to turn and clean up my little back yard to put pavers back down but that’s for another day as I even washed and waxed my car.

Here are a few samples of local [Olympia, WA] and Portland, OR spring flowers. I have posted thsee images and many more on Fine Art America      and on my Zazzle Photo shop.*

Wood Violets


love how the violets self seed…

Primroses in the “rock” garden

find the bumble bee in the Japanese Andromeda

Pink andromeda

note the pervasive gray clouds…

Tulips in Portland OR

Visiting my daughter in Sunnyside area of Portland. The flowers in everyone’s yards were spectacular!


Keep arting and enjoy the warm weather…

PNW gets rains back on Thursday ^..^