Had a great workshop at Panorama Retirement Community today; 9 lovely
ladies spent 5 hours working on block prints. I used the Soft-Kut printing
blocks as they are what they say – soft and easy to carve.

design sketch and carving


They sketched their designs on newsprint or tracing paper, then used a
mini 4″X6″ Styrofoam ink plate to test their ideas before putting
their design on and carving the soft cut block.

more carving on Soft-Kut blocks

best way to work on block prints – lots of tools with different cutting tips


The participant on the right drew from blossoms brought to class.


When starting out it’s often easier to work from an established design.  Positive/negative concept can be confusing.

free form carving


This participant creates a lot of Zen Tango designs so began free form cutting a design going with the flow.

inking the block

I did work a little on one of my block prints but it’s not quite finished…

Keep Arting,