Oh well, I was not accepted… it was a stretch to submit block prints but I was aiming at the use of line to create texture/pattern.



Just submitted six images of my block prints for consideration for this art call – On Line.

On Line is one of the most fundamental elements of art. Being “on-line” is the current world in which we live through technology and our computer based existence. This exhibition seeks work that refers to LINE as the focus in work whether generated or manipulated by the computer, or traditional works about line and its use in composition, pattern, and a means of expression. Stretching the references on line further, the works submitted can extend to family lines, assembly lines, the bottom line, etc.

Daffodils – block print


LOCATION: University House Wallingford, 4400 Stone Way N, Seattle, 98103

DEADLINE: April 18,

ART DROP: June 16

OPENING: June 20 Gala Reception

CLOSING: Oct 12, 2013

CONTACT: June Sekiguchi, curator@junesekiguchi.com 206-713-7819

  My Art Statement regarding “On Line”

Linoleum block printing is similar to woodblock printing, which originated in second-century China.  Any parts of the design not to be printed must first be cut away using special lino-cutting tools. The design is a careful balance of positive/negative shapes and line work delicate and expressive. I find this carving process to be very relaxing. Keeping the design simple and basic follows my Sumi-e instinct – simple forms traditionally created with black ink on white paper fascinate me.