embarrassed to say I’ve had these art-o-mat blocks since last year.  After the crazy remodel and teaching all summer, then barely scraping through to Feb, I can now afford to ship them back or can I? wow… it was almost $20 to ship one box of 50 blocks back!!!! Image below shows the blocks before wrapping in the cellophane…

part of the finished 50

When at the Olympia Arts Walk on Friday between gobs of visitors I painted 80 mini Sumie on Bristol paper.

mini Sumi-e on Bristol paper


Think the Bristol will glue on better to the Art-O-Mat blocks than the sumi paper. Sometimes the MDF blocks tend to show through the sumi paper.

Saturday to make sure I could find parking space, I arrived at 11:15 to the Urban Onion. Very quiet, few surges of people before the Procession of the Species and a few afterwards. soooooo I painted and painted…

mini Sumi-e with color ink added

I completed 4 more Bristol sheets with the mini Sumi-e AND I added sumi colored ink to about half of them. So that’s 8 sheets X 20 minis per page = 160 . Just show you how much one can get done when focused. I did talk a lot, I wasn’t hiding behind the paper/brush. Handed out more cards with my teaching schedule… only sold one card but had fun at the Spring Arts Walk.


Just need to cut them to size, add a little more color and adhere to the second batch of 50.  I did order a hundred more blocks… least I’m already for them!

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think that’s all for the last week or so…