received this message while I was at Arts walk Friday night [4-26].  Always surprises me how images pop up elsewhere

Butterflies Are l Bloomin At Zazzle said:

Congratulations! One of your beautiful iphone 5 cases has been added to Girls iPhone 5 Cases Blog.    . Please feel free to take a look.  Your product: Snail Trail

Snail Trail – Sumi-e


Since the 25th I’ve been having trouble loading products on my Zazzle shop! I completely correct the images on products, then post for sale adding all the necessary information, fill in the security code thing AND… nothing gets posted … AND all the required information on the post for sale page disappears! I posted ten new images last night. Talk about an Epic Fail. I spent about 4 hours putting the images on products, etc.  Anyone have a clue as to why my info is disappearing?  Oh, and it’s also happening to my son’s products.

OK back to work…

must vacuum the dog hair it’s reaching dangerous heights.