Marshmallow Dreams


Marshmallows adhere to cup and lips…

hot cocoa wasn’t right without them.

Disintegrating into sweet clouds

drifting through a chocolate sky.

Steam tickles nose as sips sooth

chills by warming stomach and soul.


A typical memory producing liquid…

hot chocolate times were set in childhood.

Winters of building snowmen, sledding,

ice skating, and later skiing sadly I have

left all that far behind…

for this is a snowless coastal area

and creaking bones don’t sled, ice skate or ski.





I am fine with wanting things

I can’t have. In some ways

I even like it. Wanting is a delightful

emotion if you think about it.

Imagination edged with anticipation

form day dreams laced with how to…

even if the want is totally frivolous.


Needing things…

I don’t like needing the basic necessities.

Energy tightens with the barren refrigerator,

bare cupboards, empty gas tank…

I do imagine a full fridge;

I anticipate easing of worry;

my days are filled with how to make it happen.


Some days I am reminded of the fact that

I might be able to do everything I need to do,

The problem is – I probably can’t do it all simultaneously.

I will sustain myself…

simplicity is not frivolous it’s very focused.






Periodically she tossed her saved quotes.

They used to litter drawers becoming

rumpled, crumpled, stained.

Phrases converted into her jumbled scrawl

succumbed to dust and disinterest.


Using Microsoft word, she could copy and paste.

Pages of thoughts gleaned from various sources

danced in dedicated fonts of origin until

she changed them into new times roman.

Kept busy transcribing, the profound shifted losing

predestined power; mediocrity defined her.

4/29/2013  “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”― Brad Paisley



Another Dawn


Hairy fat fly circled lower;

its irritating buzz, distracted focus…

well switched focus from writing

to contemplating his demise.

Without an implement of destruction,

he was free to continue uninhibited.

His flight pattern was not scheduled

nor his destination disclosed thus

midnight found her too tired to pursue him

but there was always tomorrow.