What a delightful group of creative souls in my Acrylic Workshop at the Panorama City retirement community art Studio.  They brought their own photos or pictures from magazines to work from..

background done, adding detail on face

Hummingbird is well under way. Nice soft background looks like distant flowers…

The important white dot

Once the tiniest white dot was added into the eye, the hummingbird really took on life. Also some interference and pearlescent paint added to the head/neck and bill.

When starting out always pick something simple to paint… KISS = Keep It Simple Sir.  This painting of Mount Renier  is very tricky due to all the greens and very subtle nuances of color in the distance.

Mount Renier landscape

the artist has a good base blocked out. Now comes the difficult task of really looking to see various colors.

This is a great start.

we used modeling paste to add some detail to the mountain and some of the hills.  3 hours of hard work… So now its just the hard work of studying and matching the colors.

Harriet van Gogh

This participant had fun copying and reinterpreting a Sunflower painting by V. van Gogh.


again during the three hour studio time, this participant really nailed the basics.  It takes time to be able to study an image [photograph, magazine picture or another painting] and develop that color palette. Its all in training your eye/mind to really see the color, value scale, shape and form. Practice makes perfect.

Still life with peonies

This participant had a magazine cover with an incredible vase of peonies against a window or perhaps a screen porch. The original is painted in very bold strokes.

colors are blocked in

She did an beautiful job matching and blocking in the colors!

So a great time was had by all and since there were only six participants, they all got a lot of one-on-one time.

Keep arting,