Here’s where I started on Monday – prepping canvass by painting edges and giving them a top coat. The three smaller 11″X14″ wrapped canvas were to be submitted for “Beyond Quotidian” to be hung at Aljoya, Mercer Island, WA if selected. Deadline was today – June 7th…  emailed all the required info this morning [images, bio, artist statement, resume and image list].  If I am selected the exhibit will be in August.

preparing canvass

the larger canvas is for a submission for the Equine Art Exhibit at Emerald Downs in July.

base coat completed


Beyond Quotidian – taking everyday objects from daily life and uses them in different ways.  Think the theme slowed me down till I realized that my mixed media uses all sorts of “found” objects – far from their original use.

Here are a few steps in creating Aura – 11X14″ mixed media

Aura start


another layer

embossed metal circle





and finished…

Aura (C) 6/2013


Next  piece – If I Had Wings

background and found object


color is very strong…


adding embossed metal…

background still in too much competition


finished – the interference colors make it hard for accurate photographs – so much reflection from the paint.

keeping it simple but… what else?


Aha ha – I think I tamed the background but kept it interesting.



and the last piece – just a couple images… Virgo Dreams

colors too strong and what is unifying… late at night too!


Kept working at toning down the color. began thinking about my favorite things, moonlight, little treasures, etc…


so there’s a little of my process in meeting the challenge of three submissions for Beyond Quotidian.

Its wait and see now…