Learned this week that neither piece was accepted. Rather a faceless process to submit and pay $30. I know when I was chair for Olympia Art League Exhibit, the judges did their best to be inclusive within parameters of technique, quality, level of ability, etc.. Not saying that every person with or without multiple submission made it in but there was an effort as venue space allowed.  Time to work more on other ways to exhibit.


Note to self – read and reread the info/application submission form.  In rereading tonight, it seems you are required to enter two to this Art Call. Two for thirty dollars… oddly the info reads $20 for the first submission. $10 for each additional artwork. Minimum two submissions required.  I was going to submit one because I dislike paying entry fees. Sigh… Well, I have started on a 10×10 gallery wrapped canvas but not sure I want to pay $30 for two entries as I have to ship/pay for return ship if selected.

Well as I said – read and reread the instructions and follow them exactly when you submit to any Art Call.

So here is what I’ve done so far on my 10×10:

working background

building layers of thin layers/washes of acrylic. I don’t dilute with water but use Flow Aid.

archival foam core support

I adhered a square of foam core to raise the embossed metal circle. Then I adhered the circle to the foam core but wait…

net adhered with heavy gel modeling paste

I tried to use heavy paste gel to hold down the black net but… it didn’t hold the net at all. Then I pulled off the netting and scraped the gel off which took the acrylic background off.

making a hole for the brad

After repairing the background, I tucked the net under the disk which hadn’t fully locked into place and added brads to help hold the net down and as a decorative accent.

almost finished

I will have to stretch and staple the net into the stretchers on the back. I am adding two small squares of pleather with 4 brads on the corners to help hold the net. I’ll paint the pink with something…. so this 10×10 is almost finished.

Now to decide if I want to make another and pay the $30 entry fee or save these for another opportunity.