Guess what came in the mail yesterday…. Mystery Build Project box –

This year’s theme: Reinvent a Work of Art hmmmm…. contemplation begins but not work till I’m caught up with ASAP art deadlines

The Box

I held I held off opening it until after I finished and shipped Ethereal  today.  The materials inside…

lots of stuff to play with


The finished Images of what you created are due between Nov. 1st  and Oct 20th.  There are prizes and voting online so best to aim for the Nov 1st deadline…

Some info: Entrants must create an original work of art (creative object, construction, experiment, video, concept or other creative presentation) using ONLY the 2013 Mystery Build Kit and its contents as materials. The completed entry must be submitted to the Mystery Build Art Contest between 11/01/12 and 10/20/13. Entrants must complete a Submission Form at and upload photographs and/or video of the finished contest entry, as well as photographs or video of the entry in progress. Entrants may work as individuals or as a team. Teams must assign a representative to compete for prizes.

Requirements of Entry:

* Contest entries must be composed of ONLY the materials provided in the Mystery Build Kit (see exceptions). Entrants are not required to use all of the materials in the Kit. Entrants may not add any additional, alternate, or substitute materials to their entry. Entrants may use the Mystery Build Kit box (container) itself, but MAY NOT USE ANY SHIPPING MATERIALS (such as the outer brown cardboard shipping box, shipping labels, and plastic sleeves, packing materials like packing paper, bubble wrap, and foam, USPS shipping boxes, etc.) as elements of their contest entries.

* The contest entry must relate to, convey, or express the theme of the 2013 Mystery Build Art Contest, “Re-Invent a Work of Art”

* Entrants must upload unaltered photographs and/or videos (follow directions at of the entry to the contest website at Entrants must complete a Mystery Build 2013 Contest Submission Form at including their assigned unique Username and Password, the title of their entry, a description of the entry, and the techniques used to create it. The contest submission deadline is 10/20/13 at 12:59 p.m. ET.

* Entrants must designate one (1) photograph or video of the finished entry to be used for official contest judging and in the Public Voting Gallery.

* Entrants must submit at least five (5) photographs of the entry in progress that clearly show that the entry was created using only the materials in the Mystery Build Kit. A video clearly showing the process of the entry’s creation may be submitted in place of the 5 photographs. Follow the instructions for uploading at

* Entrants may purchase multiple Mystery Build Kits and enter multiple times, however the contents of multiple Mystery Build Kits MAY NOT be combined into a single contest entry. Entrants may only enter one (1) entry per Mystery Build Kit (with unique Username and Password).

* If the entrant manipulates the materials in a very drastic manner (such as burning), and it is not reasonably perceptible that the materials used in the entry are components of the provided Mystery Kit, the entrant may be required to provide evidence (photographic or other) of the technique or process used.

* Contest entries cannot be obscene, indecent, or contain profanities. Entries must be suitable for all ages and for replication/display.

* Photographs and videos must be an accurate representation of the entry and may not be substantively digitally altered. Entries may be disqualified if they include special effects or other digital treatments that enhance or alter the appearance of the physical entry (such as alterations in Photoshop).

Exceptions to the Rules:

* Entrants MAY ADD paint, varnish, lacquer, food coloring, oil, water, dye, ink, and similar liquids to decorate or enhance the entry, or to manipulate the materials. Liquids may not be used for structural elements, but may only be used as a surface enhancement or as a tool. Substances which are not liquid at room temperature, such as wax, are excluded. Liquid adhesives not included in the Kit are also not permitted. Judges will have final ruling on use of liquids.

* Entrants may use any tools available to them to alter the materials in the Mystery Build Kit, barring tools that add or leave behind an additional physical material, such as a stapler which leaves a metal staple, or a soldering operation which adds solder. You may make tools out of any materials you want. Tools may include molds, which also do not have to be made of materials from the Kit.

* Entries may be photographed in an environment or setting which may contain materials not included in the Kit. For example, a sculpture of a boat may be photographed at a lake, or an entry may be photographed on a table. The entry must be the primary focus of the photograph or video. Backgrounds should not contain elements made by the entrant from materials not included in the kit. Backgrounds will not be judged as part of the entry.