OK, my bad , finally starting my 30 day challenge today which will be more like…  a thirty hour challenge
Ready, set, create:

dragged supplies out of my Art/office studio. There’s just not enough flat surface. Studio/former deck
I knew would get too warm for this marathon – the sun came out around 11 from the morning cloud layer – the attic fan kicked on at noon and the house is deliciously cool.

paper selection

getting the backgrounds started…

Love my circle cutter…

perfect circles

moving along with more backgrounds….

7 more

Blocked out the background on 7 more mini canvases.  17 more to go…

Did a few errand and waiting for the sun’s glare to subside in the dining area where I have all the materials laid out.   My goal is to get the “backgrounds” for all the minis done tonight. Tomorrow I’ll start of the  embellishments. Wednesday I will have all them labeled and screw eyes/hanging wire completed after I teach a morning class.  Then I just need to make a banner to go above the display.
OK, I’m going back into creative mode….