The Announcement:

The 5th Annual 30/30 challenge presents works by 30+ Artists, creating 30 pieces in 30 days of June, featuring over 1000 pieces; paintings & mixed media on canvas & paper, photography, 3D sculpture & more. July 12th – August 2nd Avanti Art and Design 7601 Greenwood Ave N. #101, Seattle, WA

Wow- it was a packed viewing last night – talked myself horse…


My Display is to the right.

Most of the minis are hung on these big panels as well as solid wall.  I had put screw eyes and wire on that backs of my minis which was a problem of sorts. Normally they have a pre-cut mat that you use to line your art onto, staple fish line to the back… but I had the screw eyes/wire in place so Wendy helped by nailing thirty hooks up. I had to adjust the wire on almost every piece. [Note to Self: measure the placement of screw eyes and the hanging wire to be the same length]   However the staple gun has quite a kick and I’m afraid it would have broken some off my embellishments.

Here are a few of my favorites the rest are on my website…

Moon Tranquility


The Zen influnce comes into my collage with circles resembling the Enso.

Japanese Maple Mandala


I use embossed metal or crinkled aluminum foil…

Butterfly Dance


And love the calm green for the heart chakra

Green Leaf Mandala