I was so tired that I kept forgetting to bring my camera to take photos of the the student’s art during the acrylic class for 12-16 year old students. They were so quiet and focused – the 3 hours went by so fast with us all enjoying right brain!

The painting below mimics one I did in watercolor 2 years ago. A sprite “Catching a Ride” through the pond.


Catchin’ a Ride

I also did a simple landscape for them to work with if they wanted to… two students did a great job painting wih this scene.


Fishing from shore

 This is a tree painting that I was messing around with yesterday while the students were painting. I put a thick layer of gel on and/or mixed it with the paint and used the end of a paint brush to emboss a design.

Please Ignore the yellow tree top – not finished with that. squooshed [technical term] a lot of yellow to empty a tube


unfinished tree


keep arting folks…