Picked up my art from Avanti Art & Design today…

my 30 are to the right in this photo

not one of my thirty minis sold… was a little disappointed but love what I created and  now I have 36 minis to sell at holiday sales. I did enter two of them into the WA State Fair in Puyallup – I have to drop them and 4 other paintings off… Japanese Maple Mandala and Autumnal Equinox Sunset are the two minis.  I’m also submitting two Sumi-e and two mixed media.



I just learned that six have just been accepted for “Divinity” an October exhibit at Krab Jab Studios in Seattle.  Those minis include: Blue Enso Meditation, Moon Tranquility, Maple Seed Meditation, Zazen Under Azure Skies, Channeling Spirit, and Spirit Guide. The last two were from the extra 6 minis that I made.


Stopped off on the way home at Daniel Smith… I figured as long as I was up in Seattle.
They had a special if you purchased $79 of Golden products you received a free sample kit [five 1oz matte fluid acrylics].
Of course, it is so easy to purchase that amount…I bought four 4oz paint and an 8oz acrylic retarder, plus they
had water based printing ink on the discount table at $2 each so those 3 went into my basket…
they also were discontinuing the WC pencils that I love so I bought 8 of them…

Interesting that the D. Smith watercolors are in smaller tubes with a higher price. Also the golden products are
discontinuing the 4oz jars in favor of the BIG jars which cost $$$$$ hmmmm… Sign of the times, I guess.  Reminds me of grocery shopping –  smaller packages for more money and/or bigger packages that I wouldn’t use in years for more $$$…

Never the less – keep arting folks!