Redux 2013 is a fundraiser for the Kirkland Arts Center.  The image is due by August 16th… I sent a letter of intent on 5/16. How’d it get to be August 6th already?

The start on a 20X20″ museum wrapped canvass. i painted the edges and top months ago.

throwing paint globs on the base

one has to start somewhere – now to smoosh [technical term] more colors…

Flow Aide helps move the paint around

Note I rarely use a palette – I’m more squeeze and spread with brush…

after it looked like this, I glazed with a top coat of pearl.

Added ribbon and lace – held on with thick modeling paste.

adhering the lace and ribbon

Adding base coat of paint to the lace and ribbon

base coat thinned with Flow Aide

Then I gave the ribbon and lace a top coat…

the base is just about finished

Next come the finished touches… hmmm so last night when I took these photos and edited them, I thought I had held the camera at a wonky angle but the lace and ribbon were slightly off so I had to yank them up and move them slightly.

paper disk with a gold embossed paper square

like how that disk and square look then I had to mess with the colors… Bad Ellen, Bad…

whoops, what was I thinking –

Way to bright – so , of course, I messed around some more with the disk and the embossed paper. note to self: leave well enough alone!

Lone Star Adventure Cat added his two cents and then the painting fell on the floor…

It wasn’t the cat that tipped it over although he did appreciate another demo of gravity at work.

the disk is still a little to “bright”

Think this is almost done – maybe a few cautionary tweaks after I leave it alone for awhile. Think I have made the embossed paper square with circle close enough to the embossed metal in color but think the disk is a little to bright… also when re-gluing the lace and touching up the paint on the lace, I messed up that color. grrrrrr


I also reworked the leaves on my “tree” painting… think it’s about where I want it.

Tree (C) 8/2013

Now to make some mini Sumi-e painting for my art-o-mat blocks…

keep arting