Wow, I haven’t posted in awhile… real life interference!  Teaching, making handouts, house chores, yard chores, and a Sisyphus of a garage to organize. I’s take me almost two weeks to de clutter, hand ceiling racks, hang kayaks, throw out but enough!

“Melange” has been accepted into the

Corridor October EDGE Graduate show – reception Oct 3rd [1st Thursday in Seattle].

Location: Tashiro Kaplan BLDG., 306 S. Washington St. 98104

Exhibit Announcement

Below is my Artist Statement regarding the exhibit.

Curve and Lineal Tales”.  EDGE Graduate Exhibit –

Curves resound in my work often representing the course of one’s life – beginning to the end – circle after circle rippling out from one’s center.  Life is not a straight line..

My artwork tells expressive tales. How I came to be and continue to develop as a person influenced by family heritage/customs.  My mixed media pieces transform the miscellaneous by integrating them together with layers of acrylic paint not unlike growing up in a huge Scotch-Irish clan that rented a “hall” for holiday celebrations.   I have fond memories of hearing favorite family tales late into the evening.  These and new ones are passed on to my children and their children in widening circles.