I haven’t had time to post or make photos of the projects from Finger Painting on the Moon a few weeks ago at the Olympia Center. ago..

Inspiration Crown and bubble Wand

The participants made a creativity crown and a inspiration bubble wand

I had three bubble related projects.  Acrylic ink is added to small bottles of bubble solution.

Blowing the bubble onto a paper with the bubble wand. I added the word dream to the bubble design.

Bubble solution in a cup designs

I also had cups of bubble mixture with poster paint for color pigment.  You blow lots of air into the cup until bubble rise above the edge and then place paper on top to transfer the colored bubbles.

Next they could “sponge” bubbles of soapy water mixed with poster paint. Squeeze the sponge a lot to create a fine mass of bubbles and lift the tiny foam and gently transfer to the paper – you could of course squish and spread but I like the patterns just gently applying the bubbles made.

very fine bubble patterns

I had the participants drop splats of ink onto a paper and then use a straw to move the ink. They could make an art pal… I added a single bubble from the bubble wand when it was dry.

ink splat cat

kitty looks a little grumpy!

Flight of Fancy with a bird and swirling lines and patterns flowing from its wings – which as you see I started but RL has me running and I didn’t finish the design. We used oil pastels and worked to soften/feather the strong colors so all the colors bumped/overlapped a little.

original design idea had a solid black bird

I had finger paints,  also a project using oil pastels with painted ink over for a resist as well as a few other simple projects or combinations of them all.
The point was to free up the imagination and have fun attacking the blank page with confidence…
Keep arting!