My Zen Ink is a play on the meditation of drawing repeated patterns. The people who have developed all sorts of patterns, books and training are very protective of their name/process but the technique and process has been around since forever and copyright has been denied 8 times.
I first had my class work on their initials. I haven’t finished adding color to mine – 9″X12″.

a few more spots of color needed….

Couple weekends ago, I facilitated Finger Painting on the Moon. I demoed several ways of using bubble soap.
I also had my Zen Ink class make a “bubble” watercolor sheet. I put acrylic ink into a small bottle of bubbles.

started in Finger Painting on the Moon

You carefully blow the bubble onto the paper. Sometimes the drips and spatters add interesting patterns.
As you see, I started with the word dream and made one flower pattern with the pen. Added some more flowers/patterns – almost finished.

need a little more color for the vine…

I made this bubble background last week in the Zen Ink class and in Monday’s class I started to make patterns but then suddenly trees grew and words came up…

Zen Ink Trees

summer sun warms earth feeding plants, trees… nature smiles in day’s glow. roots dig deep into the earth seeking sustenance. stars dance in the night sky somewhere.
day fades into night. the stars fill the azure sky
summer night twilight flows soft and warm… stars blink sending their light through space and time. moonlight fills the darkness
I need to photograph the participants pieces – they are stunning.

Art is a right brain activity. Often signing up for classes helps make the commitment to make some art and relax.

Keep Arting!