I use templates in my Zen Ink class because the participants feel more comfortable than having to free draw their basic forms to fill in with pattern.  Two weeks ago I gave them a blank maple leaf template.  I finally took the time to work on the leaf – here is my completed Maple Leaf template. I still need to photograph the participant work…

Maple Leaf – Zen Ink

The scan  didn’t pick up the soft watercolor pencil coloring.

I found many free mandala templates. I drew the black ink patterns first and filled in with metallic markers. This was from my Tuesday evening class and it was all down hill the rest of the week. some fever/chill/headache and body ache virus nastiness.

Mandala Template with metallic colors

There are only fours more classes and I need to remember to bring my camera to photograph the participants pieces. It is just amazing how unique we all are – given the same template, the results are so different!.

Please check The Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation website for the other Fall art classes that are coming up.

  222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501    www.olympiawa.gov/experienceit   Call 360.753.8380

It’s a great way to keep arting because so often I hear, “I don’t find time at home to be creative.”