I had saved this watercolor from when I used to teach at ORLA. It was a demo showing them how to drop color onto a wet.  The paper is a half sheet 140lb Strathmore cold press paper. The project was about letting the shapes be soft and then going back in to pull images out of the dropped color and add details with a fine brush.  Mine was to be a bouquet of imaginative flowers and of course, I never finished mine.  Recently I started drawing on it with non-permanent ink black pen.

Floral with Ink (C) 2013 NLS

Last night at my Zen Ink class I added a little watercolor pencil here & there and more non-permanent ink pen work.
When adding a slight bit of water – barely a damp brush – it moved the WC pencil and the ink. So I kept playing with water on the ink on the entire painting not just where I added WC pencil… it softened the pen lines that I felt were too hard against the softness of the original colors.

Keep arting – break the rules…

PS – I will be adding this image to my e Miffitt Studio shop on Zazzle and my Fine Art America website later today.