I managed to remember to bring my camera to Bainbridge Island yesterday when I facilitated an art activity at the Wyatt House – a retirement community. BAC – Bainbridge Arts and Crafts – sponsors these art activities.  www.BACart.org

I have offered this activity at the STARS program at the Olympia Center where I volunteer once or twice a month as well as at the Madison House another retirement facility on Bainbridge Island.

It is fun to see the different designs that the participants create.  I’m using bubble solution with acrylic ink added for color.  Bubbles are blown onto the 140 weight watercolor paper.  Lighter paper tends to get wrinkled and the bubble solution soaks through the paper.  I purchase the bubble solution at a local “dollar” store – 3 containers for a dollar!

 Then I had my stencils for them to use to trace designs onto/over their bubble patterns. [When I had class members do this in Zen Ink or Finger Painting on the Moon we did freehand drawing and/or created patterns when the paper was dry.]

traced flower…

In the image below – the bubbles were blown onto the traced flowers. Love how the marker bleed when the bubble solution landed on it.

In progress using the sea life stencils

 and finished

We all had a good time – making loads of colorful bubbles.

Art is playful expression…

keep playing – keep arting!