Wow, I haven’t posted any poetry in a looooong time.

Old Lady and her Cat


Cat weighs down right wrist;

The mouse is idle on its pad

And the keyboard slides sideways.

Typing left handed – slow and uneven…

Hunt and peck does not disturb the purr.

Hands are freed as paws wrap around neck.

Kneading and purring,

Puncturing skin and snagging sweater,

Licking a wrinkled cheek and then back to her own white paws…

Old lady scenario with a picturesque double pawed cat

Who share the PC desk pull out drawer,

Juggling the silent words,

Sharing a bit of the nightly ritual

As the daily poem births with cat insistence.




Leave drop


Colorful red leaf moon encompasses its maple trunk;

Up, down, sideways – leave converge to hide the grass.

Lazy Susan of fallen grace forms a perfect circle.

Naked branches relieved of cover shimmer in the fog;

Silver gray limbs are exposed for all to see the bare structure.

Skeletal against gray endurance, spring is an unheard

Whisper as chill and damp foreclose autumn.

Too soon fall is drowned by winter’s draught;

Birds shelter in evergreens where lichens swell.

Dried up in summer, moss picks up where it left off.

Anywhere it can stick becomes emerald velvet.

Under gray sky’s filtered light, the world glows.

Heart chakra green floods the sleeping realm.

Listen to this; can you hear spring’s whisper?




Finding New Stars


They “say” the Universe is expanding…

They keep finding new stars!

No amount of new star wishes could improve her lot.

Her life would never be an epic tale.

There was not one ounce of magic involved.

Fairy dust was unhealthily absent.

Bright light of day exposed that clearly;

Night was full of mares thundering through sleep.

Balanced on the edge of nothing,

Even daydreams couldn’t make life interesting.

Fantasy elevated her dreary existence.

Online or lugging a read book, she buried herself

Every free moment within mythical accounts.

Disappointed with the tiny mentality of some individuals,

She wanted to get lost in this achingly pretty and melancholy scene.

A feeling that she wouldn’t be here much longer

Pervaded her real life sensibility.

Holding the illustration she peered longingly at the vista.

Excruciating pain crumpled her twitching form.

Her world diminished as passerby’s conversation drifted…

It’s nice to do something really different…

Of course it doesn’t happen as often as it should.

They “say” the Universe is expanding.

Are they finding new stars?




They “say” the Universe is expanding…..and They keep finding new stars!  grmanginner


Follow the Bouncing Ball


Circumstantial evidence left no clue…

Her heart remained whole

After he slaughtered their love.

The evidence contraindicated the result.

Poisonous words had burst an idealistic bubble.

His eyes were hard and sharp;

His body ached with justification.

This was his game –

The softness was gone –

But puzzlement cornered his face.

Why wasn’t she collapsed in a quivering heap?

Somehow his manipulative expletives

Were caught in the discharge surging back at him.

She smiled, blew him a kiss,

Leaving no trace on his face

Or remains in his empty heart.

Game, set, match…