Bit of a disappointment today at the POSSCA Holiday Sale – Of course there was that wicked storm with horizontal rain because of the high winds. Several times I peered out the gymnasium doors to watch the sideways rain pushed by those wind gusts. The power did shut off for a few minutes but came back on. The exhibit is usually at the Armory in downtown Olympia but they cancelled last minute . The organizers had to scramble to find a different venue. Most likely due to the storm and the change in venue, the attendance seemed to have suffered. I unfortunately didn’t even sell a card.

Here’s my set up:

Recently I bought two bi-fold louver doors from Second Use in Seattle and bungee corded them to the small table to stabilize them. Large paper clips were used to hang the minis.

I couldn’t find the foam core tilt display that I made last year so unfortunately the jewelry doesn’t show up against the autumn colored fabric. I will try to do something different to display it tomorrow. We are really packed into the small elementary gym – the armory is so much bigger which has it’s disadvantages as far as being chilly and allot noisy. [ I did block out the background in the photo].

When I came home I found out that I sold 30 cards from my Zazzle Christmas Studio. Remember to always check for sale codes – Holiday Cards You’ll Covet: 50% Off All Cards & 10% Off All Other Products! Use Code: HOLIDAYSAVIN   Ends Tomorrow! [Sunday Nov 3]

So there’s my “booth fee” for the live exhibit! It was only $5.00 – thankful for that. Tomorrow the sale runs from noon to 4pm. Hopefully the storm will be long gone and attendance will improve!

I did make good use of my time: I sketched several pages of ideas for block prints and wrote a 4 page story. Wish I had something to type it on instead of handwriting – I think tomorrow, I’ll borrow my son’s iPad! I also chit chatted up a storm with allot of fellow artists. It’s a great time to share ideas and see what everyone has been creating.

The mystery and risk of signing on for festivals/fairs/holiday shows… no matter, many of my fellow artists say they won’t stop creating despite few or no sales. I agree that it would be more harmful to my soul to give up and stop producing art.

So keep arting folks – help your soul sing!