A good time was had by all at the Lacey Timberland Library where I presented a Holiday Card Workshop on Monday.
I made a few samples to inspire the participants.  There were about twenty five people who came for the workshop. The pieces below are spatter paint designs. I cut out the stencils for them to use.

 notice how I messed up the star – a big blob of paint fell on it from the spatter brush as I was in a hurry to make the samples.   I think I can still save it by cutting out a star out of some other paper and gluing it in place.
The “dove”  below is cut out of card stock. Then I used a scribe to punch a pattern in the body/wings.  The tree is made from ribbon cut into strips.

Here is a participant’s project… luckily I remembered the camera and ran around to snap a few pictures of their pieces at the end of the workshop.

note use of pattern scissors

This person had lots of cat stickers and cut outs for her cards…

In the card design below – The background was too plain a green so a bit of dark green acrylic paint was spattered onto it to add a little texture. note the “Christmas tree lights ” that were cut from a holiday scrapbook sheet of paper. When they were attached, they stuck up slightly from the background.

spatter onto the green paper

The “joy” was traced/cut out from a patterned paper, adhered and then spatter painted. The scribe is used to punch holes into the paper to use mini brads to hold the trim onto the page.  NOTE: the old mouse pad and self healing mat beneath the card stock so no table was injured during this process.

Collage resembles a scavenger hunt to find the right colors of paper, ribbon, embellishments…

I love how people can start out with the same basic materials and end up with such novel results…

The card below has a great story… The woman saw just the right paper to make a birthday card for her friend.  She was a little embarrassed but I thought it was marvelous that she was inspired by the materials to create a 4th of July birthday card.

paper punched stars, bits of silver ribbon with a starry background paper

This was good preparation as I am presenting this workshop at Panorama Retirement Community in Lacey on Saturday. All my materials are still packed and ready to load into the car.