Today’s Holiday card workshop at the Panorama Retirement Community was held in their remodeled art room. Wow, what a gorgeous room – they now have daylight flourescents, the walls are white, cabinets also white…  just a beautiful workspace.  I was so busy for 3 hours helping people that I didn’t think to take photos of the room and only a few quick snaps of cards that folks were making.  I was happy that the four turned into 8 participants.

Spatter Paint Stars

I actually stenciled the stars for the participant. She didn’t want her clothes spattered – trust me, I wore a very old shirt and apologized for it but I had no fear to ruin something nice when spattering.  Besides the three sizes of stars the other patterns included a snowman, Christmas trees, “joy” and “noel”.

Other materials included some holiday collage paper at Joann’s and it was on sale too. There were 3 collection books of scrapbook paper, stamps, stamp pads, stencils, acrylic paint, WC pencils, gel pens, colored pencils, brads, ribbon, paper punches and more.  It was allot to bring into the class but I have a trusty cart to load it all onto.

using a stencil with acrylic paint

I also brought my stencils with holiday themes. A gentle tap-tap places the color in the blank spaces on the plastic stencil or you can trace them with pencils to hand color.

fall leaves coated with glue

Someone brought in allot of dried leaves. We used Elmer’s Glue to coat both sides – usually I prefer to us an acrylic gel [mat or gloss] to coat an item like a leaf.  The leaves are still drying and for now look colorful… they may fade over time. A uv clear acrylic medium would be better to seal after adhering with a gel.

Rubber stamp using silver ink

One of the participant brought in beautiful rubber stamps and stencils to share. [pardon the messy photo.]

After coming to the Lacey TRL workshop, this resident of Panorama made sketches of what she wanted to accomplish in today’s workshop.

brads, ribbon and sparkle paper

The mini mittens are held on with brads which also hold the ribbon down. She finished this by adhering the gold ribbon.

Besides using brads, Yes Paste and Elmer’s Glue I had sticky dots to hold the layer/s onto the light weight card stock so it wouldn’t wrinkle from the glue being too wet.

So now tomorrow I get to play and make cards besides my Sumi-e and Block Prints. When I teach I get so many ideas…  Tuesday I’ll ship cards to Shoreline Gallery and Bainbridge Arts & Crafts as well as bring some down to Traditions in Olympia.

Keep arting…