I’ve been painting Sumi-e images for blank note cards – whimsical Fall subjects and holiday images too. Most have been posted on my Zazzle Nine Lives Studio [ http://www.zazzle.com/Nine_Lives_Studio*  ] and on my Christmas Studio shop [http://www.zazzle.com/christmas_studio*  ] as well as into my Fine Art America [http://ellen-miffitt.artistwebsites.com  ] Sumi-e whimsical  and Whimsical Holiday Cats galleries.

I will be shipping these cards to Shoreline Gallery and Bainbridge Arts & Crafts and dropping them off at Traditions in Olympia WA on Tuesday in time for holiday sales.  Remember to buy local if possible and support the arts.

Kitten Catches One of Three Leaves (C)10/2013 Nine Lives Studio

I have six images of this kitten playing with red Maple leaves.

What would spring, summer and fall in the Pacific Northwest be without slugs! Giant Black Slugs…

Tuxedo Kitten and Black Slug (C) 10/2013 Nine Lives Studio

The squirrels use my fence as a highway… not sure why my cat, Lone Star, doesn’t bother them. The Corgi, Sergeant Pepper, gets all riled up as they scamper on the fence.

Blech! Kitten Tries an Acorn (C) 10/2013 Nine Lives Studio

Acorns are very bitter – takes allot to make them edible. Somewhere I read many bring -to-boil and change out the water…  Now blueberry pie – that’s more like it

Kitten Taps a Blueberry Pie (C)10/2013 Nine Lives Studio


So that’s just a few of the fifty new images that I’ve created lately.

Keeping Arting!