Here it is December – Time is speeding past as always.

I want to thank all who have purchased items with my images from the various online shops [Zazzle and Fine Art America]. I have been posting more images to the various products.

Big Red Bow and Ginger Cat (C) Nine Lives Studio

these images are in my Christmas Studio store…

Tiger Kitten asks What Candy Cane (C) Nine Lives Studio

I’m finally getting better at correcting my images in Photoshop Elements 11 – without classes it just takes forever to catch on!  Still so much to figure out.

Blue Ornament Tumble (C) Nine Lives Studio

I’ve made various calendars with images from Sumi-e  or photographs or other art work.

Gandalf, the cat, and forget-me-not flowers (C) Nine Lives Studio

and another landscape…

Fall in Yashiro Japanese Garden (C) Nine Lives Studio


Always check for Zazzle coupons… adds up to more dollars after awhile and gets my images out into the world. – Fine Art America 

Keep arting,