All I have to do is register it online and mail my 2014 Sketchbook Project in tomorrow! The post mark deadline is the 16th – as always how is it now January 2014? 

It took me awhile to decide what to do. the last few years, I added collages, drawings, Sumi-e, etc and my own poetry to the sketchbooks.  This year I decided [finally] to make a storybook using my little elf characters [Sean and Shawn]. Deceptively simple characters but between sketching, using the light box for some character studies, inking, erasing, coloring and reviewing it took a long time.

character study sheet, light box & sketchbook

inking –

fine line pen to ink over pencil lines

lots of erasing!

erase, erase, etc….

I used rubber cement to glue a piece of scrape book paper to regular copy paper to run it through the printer.



My scans are not beautiful – I did correct them slightly.  I won’t use watercolor pencils again on the sketchbook provided for the project. The paper is very light weight and it did get a little uncomfortable with the small amount water I added to the colors to set them.

Page 1-2


page 3-4


page 5-6


page 7-8


page 9-10



page 11-12


page 13-14


page 15-16 end of first story


I will post the second half of the sketchbook soon – time to do some more art…