2014 has started out interesting as far as almost all my Olympia Parks, Arts & Rec classes have all been canceled so far – only a few had a couple people signed up most had zero enrollment. Watercolor Textures and Techniques will run on Sat and next Monday the Watercolor Pencil class will start.

However…. both classes at Panorama Retirement community ran in January. Then, I was called for two In-Service days at the alternative elementary school during January and one this month.  So off to a very slow start financially.

My acrylic class participants at Panorama voted unanimously to keep going in through Feb. and I think they want to continue through March! I always forget to bring my camera to take in progress photos. Below is my first demo.

Field Evergreen (C)1/2014 Ellen Miffitt

I didn’t finish my second demo because I was so busy going from one to the other participant. There are only 5 people but it keeps you real busy. The two hours fly past!


I was showing them how to use molding paste [white tree shape] and a gel with sand…

Estuary (C) Ellen Miffitt – Nine Lives Studio

This image will be uploaded into my fine art shop on Zazzle soon: http://www.zazzle.com/emiffitt_studio

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