Very true…

sadly cats come and go…

the same for dogs…

each one is unique within fur and purr or bark.

A long list of names and breeds,

a mile long paw parade

has passed into and out of my life.

Their characteristics mimic mine;

they seem to reflect my state of mind.

Four legged mirrors have traveled with me

through good and bad experiences in life.

I’ve learned a simple lesson from all my furry friends:

experiences are simply experiences.

I can look through their eyes to find my soul.




Gauze of twilight

Encompasses brief moments

Sticking like burrs to clothing

Soft bird calls

Singing goodnight

The earth cools

The stars skim overhead

Moon dances on water

All is how it was meant to be…



The faraway look

Mini fit tainted eyes

steeped in realism.

The dream persisted

beneath fluttering lids.





clear and precise

the inner and outer melded.

Falling into sunlight,

the stars bled darkness.



The wet hours

Minute and hour hand

clasp midnight…

too twitchy for sleep,

winds circle the house.

Rain attempts entry;

shingle and glass stand guard.

Light spills from office windows

onto moss covered pavers.

Emerald green carpet swells from engorging

on moisture gathered far out in the Pacific.

They’ll squish under foot flattened

till tomorrow’s storm moves onto shore.

Winter weather pattern engaged, the cats sit

on windowsills dozing through the wet hours.


Lights flicker

Nano second warnings…

an S.O.S from trembling electrics wires

whipped by unleashed wind gusts

announcing the storm’s approach.

Confrontation tosses snippets of fir,

hemlock and other evergreen branch tips.


The neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without

those one hundred foot trees dividing properties.

A no man’s land boundary – these bark and needle

sentinels break the assault when standing shoulder to shoulder.

Special messages moan between them.

Frantically clutching each other,

branches intertwine forcing more protest.

Inter-planting has mostly stabilized their base.

Continuing to pull their weight against the siege,

the night is filled with constant Aeolian tones.



Rough tongue,

sandpaper kisses,

cat food breath wafts.

Lick, lick licking…

retreating beneath covers,

paw riffles the quilt.

Typical morning greeting

tugs me out of dream comfort.

Filling water bowl,

pouring crunchies,

cleaning litter offerings…

too late to retrieve the last dream,

the espresso maker hisses some contentment.