shame on me but I finally painted new Sumi-e. Two weeks ago on Tuesday,  I tidied, did dishes and laundry, straightened shelves in art/office and finally at 2:30 in the afternoon started painting ten Sumi-e.  Within two hours I had them painted and filled in with color. Then I had to find & cut backing boards. Next… I had to fish older framed art out of my closet, de-frame and reframe. A long process because I had to move so much to do that but by 2am I had them all framed.
I dropped them off the next day at the BAC Gallery  – the paintings will be for Bainbridge Arts and Crafts  rental program.

Warm Knit Cap (C) 2/2014 Ellen Miffitt


It felt good to paint again…

In the Bag (C) 2/2014 Ellen Miffitt


The other eight images are located in my website “new” gallery.

these images are posted on products in my Zazzle Nine Lives Studio*    and Fine Art America online shop  .


Keep arting even if you do procrastinate