Last Saturday was my Watercolor Textures and Technique class at Olympia Parks, Art and Recreation – Olympia Center.

I showed the participants three sets of techniques during the morning. After each demo, they  would go make reference samples using the various techniques/materials. Basically there were at least 27 samples to mimic. After lunch the participants could create a painting using as many of the techniques as they wanted.

This is my sample painting – a landscape with a tree. You see many of these whenever I do demos – love those trees.


close up…

Techniques in this close up: stipple with sponge on the foreground; rocks were painted and then wax paper put on top of the wet paint; tree trunk was painted and a thin foam padding was placed on top [the kind of protection that wraps small appliances]; the hill in the background had plastic wrap placed onto the wet paint and I sprinkled salt onto the river.

in progress

I need to rework the trees on the mid left just a bit and I’m thinking of putting a doe and fawn next to the tree. I’ve sketched it on tracing paper but need to make them a little smaller. Sketching on tracing paper is a good way to check whether or not something would add interest to the painting or if adding something, tracing paper drawing can help adjust the actual place where you might add an element to an image.

I may put apples on the tree and change up slightly to fall colors…

Keep creating,