44th Annual Art Competition – Annual Helen Norris Open Art Show @ the Sidney Museum and Arts Association, 202 Sidney Avenue, Port Orchard WA 360-876-3693 www.sidneymuseumandarts.com

Show dates: May 1-May 30, 2014 Reception: Sunday May 4 from 1 to 4 pm

I framed this demo acrylic from the Panorama acrylic class.

Heron Morning

I framed the watercolor pencil and ink drawing of the tree that I made during a lull at Olympia Arts Walk.

100 Springs (C) 4/26/2014

Here is the poem that I wrote to go with this image:

for 100 years

field oak stands alone

his kin reside in thick copse


he’s made the best of being alone;

each fall bountiful acorns drop

around a widening circumference


deer and rodents

appreciate the abundance.

willingly gifted

nothing is asked in return.


birds return to nest;

squirrels seek shelter.

on hot summer days,

cows cool beneath leafy bower;

oak’s own fallen leaves enrich

the soil beneath these study limbs.


this spring makes one hundred years

from root descending

and trunk ascending.

Blessing this Oak

cycle after cycle,

generation after generation

bless this doorway to other realms.


I also brought up artwork for my art buddies [Peggy, Joanne and Andrea].

Keep arting,