Last night was the first class for my Paint What You Love acrylic class through Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation. After going over the basic info about materials [brushes, substrate, paints, mediums], the class tried to take their primary colors [red, yellow & blue] to mix the secondaries [orange, green and purple]. This seems like an easy task but… depending on the brand of paint/quality,  the pigment colors vary greatly and it became apparent to some in the class that it was very difficult to mix a correct secondary. We also played with tints [adding white] and tones [adding black or gray] before starting a dune scene.

We started with coating the base [ canvas, paper, etc] with an even basic coat of blue for sky and ocher/raw umber for the lower 2/3 sand area to fill in the texture of the paper or canvas.

The sky and sand layer is a very opaque coating. The photo shows the main colors blocked, uneven number of beach grass clumps added, clouds blocked out and a few glazes have been applied to the sky & sand base colors.


Keep arting and don’t listen to that critc on your shoulder telling you to forget art!