Facilitated a private workshop on mandalas from 7 to 9 yesterday.
They had created a prior mandala and as always its fun to see how differently they come out. after they shared, I gave them a handout, talked about my process and showed them my samples.  The subject came up of not being able to render a perfectly symmetrical design especially when doing a 8 rad design. There are computer programs for doing that but I feel my little inaccuracies are important because I’m not a machine.  I’m not perfect; I’m human and slightly flawed as I work on life’s lessons.
After the intro,  we all sat and worked on our new mandalas.

I used a couple designs I had used before [stylized Echinacea and the butterfly].  the two hours flew past.
Once home and after walking the dogzzz… I spent a little over two hours adding the color.

This is almost finished. Need to decide what I’m doing in the lower section and mount it to another paper.
Tomorrow I’ll photograph the other two mandalas that I finished today that were pictured in prior post.

sweet dreams