Getting to a point in life where I can’t stand clutter/disorganization or maybe I’m back where I started because when I was a child, I always kept my belongings very organizied.

Attacked the art/office and my bedroom and the studio porch. My goal with the bedroom was to get the boxes of unsold art out of the room. Success! I just have the 20X16″ framed art in the bottom of the closet now.  Feels much calmer when sleeping…

The art/office has morphed so many times – think this now works the best…

here’s a before a number of years ago when I had the closet doors across the rolling carts but then the front room held most of the supplies and framing materials…

here’s today’s view:

the paper file is great, artwork is on the top shelf and other places in this tiny room. I have sorted my “unfinished/in progress” work too… all the art supplies are in this room or the studio porch with the small exception of some things I use in the kid’s summer classes but then I’ll let go of allot of that stuff too!  Before – toward the windows that let in so much light…

this view was way before the remodel two years ago…  now below is today’s look

At some point I need to get the TV out or just get a small wall mounted one… Mostly I listen to Pandora since most of the TV offerings are junk.

Below – boxed in the corner – again about 5 years ago

and now today’s version:

still in a corner but much neater and calmer all the way around.

oh this was the art area in the dining room about 8 years ago…



wow… not sure how I was able to get anything done in that mess!

now just the studio porch to finish but that’s for another day. now I have to work on art-o-mat blocks, entries for Emerald Downs, Weyerhaeuser PSSA exhibit and Avanti’s 30X30….

In September I plan on offering classes in the studio!

keep arting,