I worked on this moonbeam night scene – added a fairy and child.
the flash brings out the iridescent colors and looses the details that are subtle. the leaves on the lower left really are not close to the painting at all… they look like blotches of color in this photo.

Wrote a poem to go with after the acrylic class tonight…

Moonbeams (C)6/2014

who’s coming with me

closed off
adult sight fails to see them
too mature for such foolishness

preferring immaturity in certain areas…
responsible spontaneity
is an endearing way to dance.

welcoming moonbeams,
late night walks provide fleeting visions.
you know the kind,

the out-of-the-corner-of the eye sighting
of flitting wings dusted with moonlight.
moons on the rise tonight…
who’s coming with me?