Travel Sketching with Watercolor Pencils @ Olympia Center/Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation was a great class with eleven participants…
First I went over the basic materials, shared examples and then had them test their pencils.

They apply the pencil in a strip 1/2″ and 1.5″ long. then wet half of it – that shows what the color looks like dry and how much it spreads when wet.

Drawing from images from my files… the drawings below were from a woman going on a trip to Russia who wanted to be able to sketch. I was really pleased that she made excellant progress during the class. She was a total newbie and never done anything artistic before.

below drawing from a calendar

Below – finishing touches added to the drawing – love the style –

Below – dramatic sunset with silhouette trees

Below – almost finished with the trees.  Will be a challenge to fill in the sky. Often best to do the sky first and draw on top of the finished sky.

Below – experimenting with the pencils

Below – using a “blender pen” instead of a brush/water. They all agreed that using it was more controlled then a water/brush application.

Below – graphite pencil drawing on top of the page and WC pencil drawing on the bottom using the blender pen to move the color.

below the hollow brush that you fill with water… working on an abstract.

It was yucky this morning – gray & cold. Half the class stayed in the classroom to sketch from magazine images and half went outside to sketch…

Above sketches from the festival that was on Percival Landing…
most of the participants were trying this for the first time and had not painted before or done much sketching.

Most of my classes are now kids but I do have adult classes at The Nearsighted Narwhal in July/August…


Keep arting!