Don’t look at all the poosies dog/cat floating fur in my abode…
This morning I gathered almost all the supplies for Art Sampler, Manga and Friday’s Artrageous.

I’ve offered 14 – yes 14 children’s art classes this summer. I have back to back next week [Manga for 12-16 and Art Sampler for 8-12] and one class next week [comic for 8-12 – then more classes in mid July to mid August. the various classes are for Ages 8-12  or for age 12-16.
Just have to recheck the bags and get some samples out for next week and cut up the paper for Artrageous as I am facilitating Sumi-e.

Then I finally got to work on these Art-o-Mat blocks… embarrassed at how long they have been sitting here. Mostly because the return shipping is $20.00+.  Yikes –
I attached the mat board and contact info a week ago and I had painted the mini Sumi-e just using the black sumi ink months ago.
See all my reorganization is freeing up energy   Today I used color Sumi ink to fill in the black ink drawings.

I’m so glad that I bought this paper cutter from a fellow artist when she downsized her studio. It is very sturdy and much better than the wimpy plastic versions in the craft stores.

Almost done trimming them – then it’s adhering them to the block…. after eating super. Plan on shipping these after teaching tomorrow.

Next, I need to start these tonight…

I have forty-four 4″x4″ stretched canvas. When I interview for a local Co-op gallery, I plan to bring the minis for review. The thirty for 30X30″ are due July 11th.

OK – back to arting!