Nothing like teaching to get some art started… wether during my adult of children’s classes, I always make demos besides crusing around the room allot to guide their creations.
Last week a participant was working on a mountain scene – so I was showing her how to use more glazing and enhance her painting. Below is my sample – not finished.

Next on Monday, I had my children’s art sampler class paint the night sky either by replicating van Gogh’s Starry Night or making their own. My samples not finished…

Today while the Manga class was focused on their drawings, I sat and did some thumbnails for the Shoreline Exhibit in October. I’ll be working in mixed media/acrylic… below are my sketches and two ideas for the Equine Art Exhibit are on the top left.

I started two tonight in the Paint What You Love acrylic class…


These correspond to the sketch next to the cartoon cat and the sketch below.

OK, need to check supplies for tomorrow and walk the dogs and catch some well needed ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Oh I shipped art-o-mat blocks on Monday – sometimes when you’re busy you seem to get more done – weird said the procrastinator