after napping today – the last two weeks, I really wore myself out not being used to teaching and also the Auburn Artrageous with 6 hours on my feet with no break… so naps are necessary to get my body back to balance.

I was too tired to paint although I worked out some design ideas.
I think I need to ship these paintings tomorrow because of July 4th… they’re due next Tuesday and I don’t want to drive to drop them off as I would hit gobs of traffic.

I painted the Enso and Sumi-e horse on a nice textured paper.
I did decide to paint the canvass and then adhered the paper with the Enso and the Sumi horse. the background paint showing through the paper made the horse looked “pink” – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I coated the horse with silver… I may touch it up again tomorrow.

Arianrhad  © 6/2014 Nine Lives Studio

it does look better in person – it’s late and the flash messes with the results…

second painting – Cerridwen  © 6/29/2014 Nine Lives Studio

I did start by painting the underneath an ocher color and then attached a piece of Sumi-e paper that I had printed maple leaves onto last year.
I had prepared the four horses four years ago but never framed them. I glued them under the leaf print paper but they disappeared so I scraped the top paper away. glazed with iridescent bright gold [golden acrylic paint] I also attached three silk leaves… this painting really glows.

Received a call from Wendy at Avanti Art & Design checking on my 30 day 30 pieces of art due on the 11th – guess what I’m working on all week! I have five backgrounds started…
so here they are – five 4×4″ painted in my last acrylic class…. only 25 more to begin!  I wrote some phrases to go around the edges while the kids were busy drawing in the comic book class…….. I decided this year to paint the backgrounds and then collage or add embellishments. I am thinking of printing the phrases on ribbon to make them easy to read. Sometimes writing on the canvass makes for difficult calligraphy mishaps.

Time for more Zzzzzzzz
Keep arting