worked on 4X4″ mini canvass today…

painted the tops.  now to collage/add other design elements….  I actually have over 40. Thought I might as well make extra minis.

During the last Design Elements class that I facilitated at Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation/Olympia Center, the participants and I worked on a metal embossing project and also added line work to out “bubble” project.
Mine ended up being very whimsical – cats, mice, flowers, moon and hippy woman with flowers in her hair…

Bubble Whimsy  © 6/26/2014 Nine Lives Studio

Back to the 4″X4″ minis!  They’re due next Friday. Believe it or not it takes over an hour per 4X4 to finish the design because of the scavenger hunt of finding the right embellishments.

Keep Arting!